Director Development Programme

Director Development Programme
Welcome to the Director Development Programme!

Also available in stand-alone modules

The Mauritius Institute of Directors, in collaboration with the Open University of Mauritius, is pleased to offer the Certificate and Diploma Courses in Corporate Governance leading to the Chartered Director Status.

Whether you are starting, strengthening or mastering your governance practices, this programme provides an integrated system of learning which combines the required knowledge and skills, as well as a demonstrated and validated experience in a well-established and coherent framework, enabling participants to keep up to date on strategic issues and changes that affect organisations. You will also get a minimum of two free coaching sessions when signing up with the whole programme!

The modules are offered in the form of blended learning, comprising of face-to-face sessions, Online-learning, work-based learning and self-learning. These are spread over a period not exceeding two months.

Your professional pathway at a glance

3 step journey
Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance
Step 2
Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance
Step 3
Chartered Director Status OR
Masters in Corporate Governance

Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance

Strengthening your skills
The Certificate in Corporate Governance will equip participants with the core knowledge and awareness that are necessary to function effectively as a director. You may choose to complete the whole level or to sign up for stand-alone modules 1,2 or 3 and which are all HRDC approved.
Module 1 – Corporate Governance
  • Duration: 6 weeks
    MUR 50,000
    This module provides an understanding of the key principles and elements of good corporate governance systems. Participants will be able to identify challenges and ways to respond to corporate governance concerns. The key stakeholders will be introduced in this module and their importance will be discussed.
Module 2 – The Board and its Role
  • Duration: 5 weeks
    MUR 35,000
    This module provides an understanding of the role and authority of a board and the relationship between board performance, its structure and membership. The roles of each board member and the workings of the board will be discussed. Participants will acquire knowledge on how to manage challenges of the boardroom and how to bring effective results.
Module 3 – Corporate and Financial Reporting
  • Duration: 6 weeks
    MUR 65,000
    This module provides an insight into financial statement analysis and will explore the financial stewardship and accountability obligations of the board to shareholders and stakeholders.
Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance
  • MUR 50,000

The participant should have completed Module 1, 2 and 3 to be eligible for the Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance.

(Entry Requirements)

A person may be admitted as a learner for the Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance if he/she:

(i) has successfully completed the three modules at Level 1, AND


(ii) is a recognized graduate who has attained a standard at least equivalent to that of a Bachelor’s Degree with at least second class in a subject related to that of the proposed programme of study accepted by the Academic Council.


(iii) has passed an examination including a professional qualification in such a subject at a standard equivalent to year three or equivalent to a bachelor’s degree with at least Second-Class, possesses a bachelor’s degree with an award below a Second-Class degree from a recognized institution and has at least two years of relevant working experience.

Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance

Mastering your aptitude
The Diploma in Corporate Governance is to uphold the level of competence for directorship in the main areas: Risk management & ethics, leading strategic change and intricacies & challenges for the board to aspire the participants to become eligible for the Chartered Director Status. It will put participants at the heart of the learning process and will combine guided independent learning reinforced with face-to-face course sessions using active problem-solving learning strategies.
Module 4 - Risk management and ethics
  • Duration: 5 weeks
    MUR 50,000
    This module aims to explore the role of the board in formulating, implementing strategy and managing business risk. The key performance indicators to evaluate CEO’s and other executive director’s performance are identified in this module. The participants will have an exposure to the application of risk-assessment, strategic management, and decision-making frameworks in the changing business environment within an ethical perspective.
Module 5 – Leading Strategic Change
  • Duration: 6 weeks
    MUR 50,000
    This module of the Diploma explores the roles played by change agents in leading strategic change initiatives. Participants will be able to communicate for need for change in an effective manner by setting up a plan in consultation with all concerned parties. The establishment of specific support systems and the strategies to bring about effective change will be explored.
Module 6 - Intricacies & challenges for the board
  • Duration: 6 weeks
    MUR 50,000
    This module examines the dynamic relationship between board performance and its structure and membership. This module thus equips participants with basic notions, skills and competencies to understand the role of the Board, that of its members and the difference between a functional versus a dysfunctional Board. The module also deals with measures to address disagreement between different parties and the Board and recommends methods to enhance Board’s effectiveness.
Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance
  • MUR 50,000

(Entry requirement)

Participants should have completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance, Module 4, 5 and 6, to be eligible to pursue the Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance.

Chartered Director Status

Taking your development to the next level

The Chartered Director status is a non-taught component that consists of a professional review that assesses participant’s experience of applying governance leadership in their role as a director. Through the submission of a portfolio of evidence, participants need to demonstrate an internationally accepted level of competence in areas such as governance, finance, strategy and leadership for effective board performance.


Admission into the Chartered Director Status requires:

  • A pass in the MIoD Certificate and Diploma in Corporate Governance
  • Demonstrated experience as an active member of an autonomous board or equivalent comprising at least three directors (executive and non-executive) who meet a minimum of 4 times per year
  • Have a minimum of three years experience as a director if you hold a degree or professional qualification (e.g. ACA, CIMA, ACII, CEng, CITP etc.) or five years’ experience as a director if you do not hold a qualification The Chartered Director qualification is an experience-based assessment.


Admission to the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Chartered Director Status requires to be a fully-paid member or fellow of the MIoD.


The Director Development Programme allows for interruption of studies after the completion of the Postgraduate Certificate or after the completion of the Postgraduate Diploma. Participants wishing to resume their studies after an interruption will be allowed, provided that they are within five years’ time limit for the completion of the Director Development Programme.

Your professional development pathway at a glance