Membership Categories

Membership Categories
The MIoD’s constitution makes provision for various grades of membership according to the levels of experience of directors and senior managers working in both private and public sector enterprises.


If you are a professional with 10 or more years’ experience working for an entity with a minimum annual turnover or budget of MUR 50 million as a:

  • Director
  • Senior executive involved directly with matters relating to corporations and Corporate Governance
  • Partners or sole proprietors of a professional practice or unincorporated business
  • Academic personnel of associate professor level or equivalent

Our Nominations and Membership Committee may take into consideration whether the applicant has the appropriate experience and background which makes him/her eligible as a Fellow member.


If you are over 21 years of age, with 5 or more years’ experience working for an organisation with a minimum annual turnover of MUR 5 million as:

  • a director or alternate director of an entity; or academic personnel at the level of, or equivalent to, professorship or senior lecturer, the heads of appropriate faculties in technical colleges being included in this category; or
  • A director or equivalent position at a non-profit organisation
  • An Associate Member who has completed the qualifying courses specified by the MIoD in its rules and regulations.
  • a company secretary; or
  • a senior executive with managerial responsibilities in the public or private sector; or
  • a partner, associate or senior executive of a professional practice relating to business, management, finance, trade, economics or other related fields; or
  • an executive at senior level in national, regional, or local government


If you are full-time student at a recognised tertiary education institution and interested in the promotion of good corporate governance, if you aspire to become a Member of the Institute and enrol in the MIoD’s training programme, you can send us your application.

  • To qualify for Associate Membership, an applicant should not be eligible for full membership fee. The Associate membership status will be reviewed every 3 years by our Nominations and Membership Committee and will assess whether advancement to full membership is appropriate.

Retired Member

If you are over 65 years of age and has been a “Member” or “Fellow” for at least 3 consecutive years and if you are no longer active in business in any capacity, you may apply for this membership category.

Overseas Member

If you are living overseas, you can become a MIoD member but need to have a permanent address in Mauritius. You may not be a Mauritian Citizen but should have been residing in Mauritius for at least 12 months. Overseas members will have all the benefits of their membership category.