Director Search

Director Search

Looking for new Independent Non-Executive Directors? We help you appoint the best!

Our director search service has been revamped to provide an advisory tailor-made approach, where we discuss your requirements, provide with you a list of potential candidates matching your needs, thus bringing value to your board.

Did you know?

  • Following key amendments brought by the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020, pertaining to the Companies Act, and supported by the National Code of Corporate Governance 2016, Boards are encouraged to have at least two independent directors.
  • The National Code of Corporate Governance 2016 recommends that Boards are encouraged to have a non-discrimination policy that covers its senior governance positions, including disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender realignment, race, religion, belief, and age.
  • We optimize on the Institute’s Director Register to provide better Board dynamics, such as skills, knowledge, diversity, experience, and independence.

Use our Director Search!

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