Directors’ Register

Directors’ Register

Independent Directors

Independent directors play a vital role on boards in providing independent judgement in all circumstances.

The Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius provides that all companies to which the Code applies should have at least two independent directors on their boards.

Directors’ Register

The Directors’ Register of the MIoD consists of a pool of directors and senior executives from cross-sections of industries and professions, which enables companies to recruit suitable independent directors for their board and for MIoD Members and Fellows to promote themselves as potential independent director to sit on the boards of other organisations.

Being listed on the Register is exclusive to MIoD Fellows and Members and is free of charge. 

Your profile on the Register will be visible only to MIoD staff, who will carry out searches for companies wishing to appoint an independent director.

“if I am accepted as a Member or a Fellow of the Institute, I understand and accept that my name will automatically be added to the Directors’ Register, but that my membership data will not be divulged to 3rd parties without my permission. Unless opted otherwise.”

Seeking an independent director for your board?

Submit your search criteria to the MIoD by completing this form and sending it to us. Upon payment of the search fee of Rs. 15,000/-per vacancy request, we will then carry out a search for you, and provide you with a shortlist of best matches.

Terms and conditions:

  • Written confirmation shall be required from the candidate prior to disclosing his/her information to the search company. Such confirmation shall automatically be a disclaimer regarding the communication by the MIoD to the search company of the information contained in the member’s application form and/or registration form and CV.
  • Once the list of matching candidates has been provided, the search company will liaise directly with the candidates.
  • The service is not designed to be a recruitment service.
  • The MIoD cannot be held responsible for the failure of the search company to respond to any applications made or the failure of any candidate to accept a proposed position.
  • All queries relating to the position for which the search is being conducted should be directed to the search company and it is their responsibility to advise candidates of the outcome of their applications.
  • The search company is responsible for the accuracy and detail of information given.
  • The MIoD does not guarantee the quality or number of candidates submitted.
  • The MIoD does not guarantee the competence, suitability or integrity of any candidate proposed or selected.

Directors’ Search Fees

Founders and Patrons organisations.
Other companies: Rs 15,000 per vacancy request

For more information, please call the Mauritius Institute of Directors Tel (+230) 4681015 or email

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