Join the Institute

Join the Institute

With more than 1300 members, become part of our growing community of directors. You will have the opportunity to participate in our themed breakfast forums, keep up to date on topics of business, make valuable connections through our networking and hear from some influential speakers and business leaders. Connect with us, stay up to date on our latest news and events and follow us on LinkedIn.

Application and Membership fees

You will be required to pay a non-refundable membership application fee of MUR 1,000.

Your membership fee will be payable annually according to the calendar year. If you join the Institute between 1st July and 30th September, your subscription is halved. If you join the Institute between 1st October and 31st December, your subscription is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

The current annual subscriptions for the respective grades of members are as follows


MUR 2,000


MUR 3,800


MUR 6,000


MUR 1,500

Membership upgrade

If your experience and personal development has evolved since becoming a member of the Institute, and that you would like to discuss membership grades and fees or require further information, please contact the Membership Development Executive here .

Member resignation

As per the Institute Membership Rules and Regulations, a member may terminate his/her membership at any time by giving not less than 2 months written notice before the end of any calendar year (i.e. by 31st October). In line with the membership rules and regulations, the following year’s membership fees will be automatically renewed and will be payable if due notice has not been given.

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